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Greetings to my folks! I present to you, a short work of thoughts.

Honestly, my understanding tells me, no one will ever know what goes on in human minds. How much are we really aware of our capabilities to conquer the extreme possibilities of the art of thinking?

I feel thinking makes us who we are.

Our thoughts build us into the individuals that we wish to become. Whatever is it that we may be thinking of; it makes us perceive things in an influential manner, which is both good & bad.

Even so, sometimes, I wonder as I question the vulnerable lives we live.

I believe that our conscious mind has the capacity of gathering and processing a zillion thoughts all at once; and yet, surprisingly our minds are so delicate and fragile; not always up for facing the difficulties life throws at us.

And let’s face reality, the results may not be in our favour always. Life loves to test our endurance at times… I can see that affirmative nod on your face right now.

But, I’ve learnt that despite it all we choose to follow our instincts. I assume here is where our gut feeling comes into question; it really plays the crucial role.

Mindfulness is a supernatural power each one of us has. With it, each of us can make a difference.

Thoughts are prone to create chaos in our minds, and that’s why they probably exist.

Let’s not forget though, that our thoughts can create mind-blowing inventions and theories, quite similar to an attempt I’ve made here.

Just scattered thoughts framed into a few sentences to remind you that I’m being mindful of you. *warm hugs coming through*



Her Yellow bottle of Freedom!

I love to listen to stories but today I’d like to share one. This one is very special to me. I knew it felt just right to be there, in that moment.

She was sitting right in front of me, I looked at her just once. Her eyes were looking for something. And then I started staring at the vultures on the roof of this church, close to the cross; wondering of their existence in this chaotic city. I was waiting for my bowl of noodles because it was a surprisingly cold morning and clearly I was hungry!

I knew she was up to something, she glared at the sky as if she revealed the anyone mask, her not so typical expression. I thought I should initiate a conversation related to democracy since it was one of her favourite subjects. She could debate on it with anyone at anytime.

The silence was killing me so I gathered some courage, and rehearsed the conversation in my mind. As I started talking I realised she was nowhere near the conversation, as though her thoughts were tied with shackles.

Refusing to talk, she stood up with a grin on her face when the bars of shop across the road opened up. For a moment there I felt ignored and non-existent not knowing what she was up to. She walked towards it for she knew she had found her yellow bottle of freedom!! She enjoyed every sip of it.

She wanted to share her freedom with me, her face was gleaming with joy! She ran towards me happily and offered me her freedom. Even though it lasted just for a moment, I knew I had tasted her freedom, and I had never felt something so beautiful ever before.

Just where I needed to be

That day, I woke up to a rather quiet morning. Wondering… what is it that feels missing about this morning? I went on to have my bath after which I packed my sling bag with some basic requirement for the day. We were just about to check out for some souvenirs in the Leh market ! Somehow, that thought didn’t seem to fade out of my mind.

So I sat by the window with my cup of tea, in a guest house somewhere in Leh. Tea, to me, is not less than a ritual. 🙈 I was gazing at the snow clad mountains that stood far away from this window, but they felt as though they were right here, in front of me.  The magic of the human eye indeed, I’d say ! ✨

After I took a few sips of my hot beverage, I realised there was nothing that I was actually missing out on as such. A thought crawled in ! – There in the city; mornings are not just as beautiful as this one here, what I am experiencing right now. There was calmness, so much so that I could hear myself breathe…

There was a feeling of serenity, as the empty cup and saucer I was holding in my hands made no difference to my happiness in the very moment. Amidst these thoughts, I knew this is just where I needed to be ! 💗 I felt complete. 😊

Just this moment…

Just a thought I felt like sharing 👻

Another year waves a goodbye and you’re sitting here watching the sun down as this day comes to an end. Something feels so real about the view you’re looking at right now. You know it’s never coming back. You hear a lot of peoples joyous voices. For you, it’s as though time stood still. You sense the aura surrounding you is plain empty yet you feel so full of yourself. There is no calm, no chaos, just this moment…


Happy new year folks!✨

Believe it or not?

Hello all you lovely people! I’m back on my blog after a long gap, I suppose. I hope to cover up for the delay with this small piece.

Our beliefs create us as beings. Talking of beliefs do you believe in fantasy or make believe concepts? What is all this that happens around you? All these recurring moments in life? Is it a déjàvu or some sort of a conspiracy? So many questions in our minds left unanswered. Though your reaction to it mainly revolves around your beliefs about life and beyond. Some of us, I used to fall in the very same
category, also tend to consider them as illogical mind games and tend to accidently neglect it. But I’m convinced that somewhere, we
all go through real life events where we think that an incident has occurred before, more like its a repetition. It is rightly said that these signs are more like wake up calls, but they are happening for a reason. I recall times when I couldn’t make out the difference between what is realistic and what is imaginary, wh
en in such incidences. So many questions in our minds left unanswered. We all have learnt about the concept of facing our worst fears. This is somewhat related. Some of us, we call it life, or karma. Call it whatever, they bring these situations in your life again and again so you learn to overcome them one fine day. It’s the way you deal with certain situations at that particular time, or specially if you’re running away from them, they will eventually keep coming. It cannot be assured though that once you overcome them they won’t come return along your journey! I am being able to indicate this because, I went through these recurring events in my routine, until, I actually found out as to how I was supposed to deal with them. I can say, it struck me pretty late though! Each one of us has their set of experiences and we all learn so much from them. My motive to write to you’ll today, is because, I believe it is important for each of us to know what’s going on around us, all these things, we forget to look into, because of our busy lives! The experiences you live, become your reality. Take time out from your hectic schedules once in a while, to get to know yourself better. Because it is all within you. Connect to yourself. Explore yourself. It’s more than just words!

Wishing you’ll a very colourful and safe Holi!

In search of us…..💭💫

I’m trying to build a path, you won’t walk on;

Trying to show you the beauty of life,

Everything nice and full of spice!

I see the pain that’s seen through you,

I feel it like I’ve been there too!

It felt like we spoke after ages,

But it was more like we were in our cages!

We play the game of words for a while,

Until the wise within us says its all fine!

Not to hurt me somehow is what you decide,

What is hurting me you don’t seem to realize!

Life plays with us its own game,

It’s about how we make our own name!

Set your soul free, I’d say to you with a slight grin,

You’d say, it is life that makes me so dim!

I’m trying to build a path, you won’t walk on;

Trying to show you the beauty of life,

Everything nice and full of spice!

Love, Redefined💕

I’ll be the the person who’ll make you feel like you’re known; Someone you’ve always wanted, someone like your own. It’ll be a mystery though as to how we’ll get along; For the roads we’ll be taking on, are far way too long! When you’ll look at me you’ll see the mirror; And that’s when things will begin to seem clearer!😊

Why is love right or wrong?💜

A big Thank you to all those friends who shared with me their personal experiences and truths about their life and relationships, meanwhile, I was just observing what they actually felt about it then. I would’ve probably not realized it otherwise that love has no bounds!😌

While I’m busy looking around, everyone searching for someone to love, all these things just come up together and start crowding up my mind! It forced me to think why certain relations just don’t work out or have a tragic end. That is when I glanced into flashback and it struck me that sometimes we just need to give a chance to the right one’s to run into us! Love someone with whom we can be ourselves. Love is a beautiful feeling indeed, but love can be accomplished if it is with the right one and maybe time counts as well.

There is no right or wrong in love. Most of the times we end up loving the wrong people, but that doesn’t stop us from loving more. We fail to realise that each of us deserves the best. Sometimes the timing isn’t just right. Sometimes, all we need is to stop running behind the wrong and start trying to love the right one’s!


Love strengthens with sacrifices. Sacrifices aren’t right or wrong for someone or anyone. They symbolise love. We say, we don’t need to make sacrifices for the people who love us, that’s because they love us for who we are, though we cannot clearly call it love. But, when we make the same sacrifices for the one who we love, is where love is tested. Like they say, you cannot clap with only one hand. Sacrificing for each other only helps love grow! 😊

Sometimes it’s just those simple things in life that matter, you don’t really need to show your love, love they say has no language or reason. It just is. Love is the power we must feel. Love is eterna, a connection we feel. Love can never be right or wrong!❤

A peaceable corner💫

Hey everyone! 😊 Today I’d like to introduce you to Antara Satoskar who is a newbie to the world of blogging. She is been freelancing for past 2 months. Yet in this short while has succeeded to be a guest writer to some of the bloggers. She’s got something interesting for us here!😁


Greetings readers!

Before I start up, I’ve got a question for you. Ever in your life did you feel totally depressed and let back? that you leave everything and hunt for peace and quiet pleasing atmosphere? That when you reach there you get so mesmerized by the relaxing whimper and whinny of nature. Such an atmosphere will send you in trance, no?

You must be feeling it’s a chimera to find a high down in this congested city. But guess what, I found my peaceable corner.

7th of June,in the marve creek mangroves of remote wilds in Northern Mumbai.


It was one of my slightly melancholy days, as I was bearing with the brassyboredom and a sense of quiet loneliness in the vacations. I decided to go walking for a while as I wanted to restrain the thoughts running through my mind. It was an actual walk as I crossed 3/4km. Dripping in sweat and reaching on a lost island, I saw a scene of wild mangroves forest in front. Any ordinary person would think it’s a dead end, but for me the journey had just begun.

I had reached at a place that on the first shot, it doesn’t seem that appealing. A strech of rocks purposely dumped in a empty ground to be renovated in a complex or chawl. The mashy stink and mud all over felt like it was a no-man’s land. For a little adventure I decided to climb on and explore the thing. I climbed through to find a perfect seat on the peak of those piles. Though the day was sunny yet the sun wasn’t burning that hard. The wind was strong yet smoothing and gentle. The dull soothing cloud sailed through the bright blue sky and floated in clearly towards the north. I settled myself for a long time and gazed at the beautiful scene in front, it was clearly the best spot.

Beyond the strip of rocked fields was glistening, gleaming silver water streaming through the creek. Covered by a dense forest of mangroves and bushes, the area formed a natural heaven for the residence and animals that either migrated or were local to the site. But looking at this site it was clear that in few years its natural glory would be totally vanished. The spot at marve malwani church area here, was originally a part of forest cheeks. Disposal of garbage,dumping of raw materials and establishment of concrete jungle has limited the nature’s setting. Clear cutting of mangroves and fillings of creek from inner area is like covering off the flaws.

I can assure you that a litte government and residential concern including crystal investigation will work handy in reservation of the zones. It won’t take lot pains as I simply made some discoveries and learned that, little efforts would rescue the mangroves in the area.

May be my attempt here would start a revolution; May be it might inspire someone to work for the society; or it might just kick start your search for inner peace and spirituality just as I did. So when are you leading the walk?😊


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