Over thinking about things, situations or even people is what makes Me so different and special. Thinking too much about anything isn’t a good sign, ofcourse. And in fact, one doesn’t need to think much over petty issues. We must consider it as a gift given to us! Having met many people of various personalities who have many common qualities among each other, there are those qualities that make them an exception from the rest. It is because we are born ‘Special’ We could say that one quality makes them ‘Special’ or different from others. We all say we are good at performing various tasks, but we all have in that one thing that separates us from the rest, like an identity of our own! Each one of us likes to be praised for what we’re good at. Because of the identity that an individual makes in the society he/she becomes unique in their own way. It is this speciality within us that brings us closer to who we really are? And in this we seek happiness! The feeling of being special helps an individual grow, it helps them understand themselves better and also one becomes acquainted with their own strengths and weak points. Learning with time and accepting oneself makes it easy. Make yourself feel Unique, you will soon realize how successful you already are! Today’s world refers to this quality as ‘Talent’, but it sounds better off as ‘Being Special’. Sneak a peak to the beautiful side of your life!