Hey everyone! 😊 Today I’d like to introduce you to Antara Satoskar who is a newbie to the world of blogging. She is been freelancing for past 2 months. Yet in this short while has succeeded to be a guest writer to some of the bloggers. She’s got something interesting for us here!😁


Greetings readers!

Before I start up, I’ve got a question for you. Ever in your life did you feel totally depressed and let back? that you leave everything and hunt for peace and quiet pleasing atmosphere? That when you reach there you get so mesmerized by the relaxing whimper and whinny of nature. Such an atmosphere will send you in trance, no?

You must be feeling it’s a chimera to find a high down in this congested city. But guess what, I found my peaceable corner.

7th of June,in the marve creek mangroves of remote wilds in Northern Mumbai.


It was one of my slightly melancholy days, as I was bearing with the brassyboredom and a sense of quiet loneliness in the vacations. I decided to go walking for a while as I wanted to restrain the thoughts running through my mind. It was an actual walk as I crossed 3/4km. Dripping in sweat and reaching on a lost island, I saw a scene of wild mangroves forest in front. Any ordinary person would think it’s a dead end, but for me the journey had just begun.

I had reached at a place that on the first shot, it doesn’t seem that appealing. A strech of rocks purposely dumped in a empty ground to be renovated in a complex or chawl. The mashy stink and mud all over felt like it was a no-man’s land. For a little adventure I decided to climb on and explore the thing. I climbed through to find a perfect seat on the peak of those piles. Though the day was sunny yet the sun wasn’t burning that hard. The wind was strong yet smoothing and gentle. The dull soothing cloud sailed through the bright blue sky and floated in clearly towards the north. I settled myself for a long time and gazed at the beautiful scene in front, it was clearly the best spot.

Beyond the strip of rocked fields was glistening, gleaming silver water streaming through the creek. Covered by a dense forest of mangroves and bushes, the area formed a natural heaven for the residence and animals that either migrated or were local to the site. But looking at this site it was clear that in few years its natural glory would be totally vanished. The spot at marve malwani church area here, was originally a part of forest cheeks. Disposal of garbage,dumping of raw materials and establishment of concrete jungle has limited the nature’s setting. Clear cutting of mangroves and fillings of creek from inner area is like covering off the flaws.

I can assure you that a litte government and residential concern including crystal investigation will work handy in reservation of the zones. It won’t take lot pains as I simply made some discoveries and learned that, little efforts would rescue the mangroves in the area.

May be my attempt here would start a revolution; May be it might inspire someone to work for the society; or it might just kick start your search for inner peace and spirituality just as I did. So when are you leading the walk?😊