A big Thank you to all those friends who shared with me their personal experiences and truths about their life and relationships, meanwhile, I was just observing what they actually felt about it then. I would’ve probably not realized it otherwise that love has no bounds!๐Ÿ˜Œ

While I’m busy looking around, everyone searching for someone to love, all these things just come up together and start crowding up my mind! It forced me to think why certain relations just don’t work out or have a tragic end. That is when I glanced into flashback and it struck me that sometimes we just need to give a chance to the right one’s to run into us! Love someone with whom we can be ourselves. Love is a beautiful feeling indeed, but love can be accomplished if it is with the right one and maybe time counts as well.

There is no right or wrong in love. Most of the times we end up loving the wrong people, but that doesn’t stop us from loving more. We fail to realise that each of us deserves the best. Sometimes the timing isn’t just right. Sometimes, all we need is to stop running behind the wrong and start trying to love the right one’s!


Love strengthens with sacrifices.ย Sacrifices aren’t right or wrong for someone or anyone. They symbolise love. We say, we don’t need to make sacrifices for the people who love us, that’s because they love us for who we are, though we cannot clearly call it love. But, when we make the same sacrifices for the one who we love, is where love is tested. Like they say, you cannot clap with only one hand. Sacrificing for each other only helps love grow! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Sometimes it’s just those simple things in life that matter, you don’t really need to show your love, love they say has no language or reason. It just is. Love is the power we must feel. Love is eterna, a connection we feel. Love can never be right or wrong!โค