Hello all you lovely people! I’m back on my blog after a long gap, I suppose. I hope to cover up for the delay with this small piece.

Our beliefs create us as beings. Talking of beliefs do you believe in fantasy or make believe concepts? What is all this that happens around you? All these recurring moments in life? Is it a déjàvu or some sort of a conspiracy? So many questions in our minds left unanswered. Though your reaction to it mainly revolves around your beliefs about life and beyond. Some of us, I used to fall in the very same
category, also tend to consider them as illogical mind games and tend to accidently neglect it. But I’m convinced that somewhere, we
all go through real life events where we think that an incident has occurred before, more like its a repetition. It is rightly said that these signs are more like wake up calls, but they are happening for a reason. I recall times when I couldn’t make out the difference between what is realistic and what is imaginary, wh
en in such incidences. So many questions in our minds left unanswered. We all have learnt about the concept of facing our worst fears. This is somewhat related. Some of us, we call it life, or karma. Call it whatever, they bring these situations in your life again and again so you learn to overcome them one fine day. It’s the way you deal with certain situations at that particular time, or specially if you’re running away from them, they will eventually keep coming. It cannot be assured though that once you overcome them they won’t come return along your journey! I am being able to indicate this because, I went through these recurring events in my routine, until, I actually found out as to how I was supposed to deal with them. I can say, it struck me pretty late though! Each one of us has their set of experiences and we all learn so much from them. My motive to write to you’ll today, is because, I believe it is important for each of us to know what’s going on around us, all these things, we forget to look into, because of our busy lives! The experiences you live, become your reality. Take time out from your hectic schedules once in a while, to get to know yourself better. Because it is all within you. Connect to yourself. Explore yourself. It’s more than just words!

Wishing you’ll a very colourful and safe Holi!