That day, I woke up to a rather quiet morning. Wondering… what is it that feels missing about this morning? I went on to have my bath after which I packed my sling bag with some basic requirement for the day. We were just about to check out for some souvenirs in the Leh market ! Somehow, that thought didn’t seem to fade out of my mind.

So I sat by the window with my cup of tea, in a guest house somewhere in Leh. Tea, to me, is not less than a ritual. 🙈 I was gazing at the snow clad mountains that stood far away from this window, but they felt as though they were right here, in front of me.  The magic of the human eye indeed, I’d say ! ✨

After I took a few sips of my hot beverage, I realised there was nothing that I was actually missing out on as such. A thought crawled in ! – There in the city; mornings are not just as beautiful as this one here, what I am experiencing right now. There was calmness, so much so that I could hear myself breathe…

There was a feeling of serenity, as the empty cup and saucer I was holding in my hands made no difference to my happiness in the very moment. Amidst these thoughts, I knew this is just where I needed to be ! 💗 I felt complete. 😊